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Message 00457: Fwd: intro

I only got to see Julius for a couple minutes -- he dropped by the
Sunlight party and then rushed right out. He didn't mention GPO and I
didn't get a chance to ask. Vivek was there as well and is clearly the
odds-on favorite for the job (although apparently Bloomberg wants him
as well).

Vivek would be a very interesting cio for omb ... his mis gaming/stock market strategy is intriguing. He's definitely done impressive work in DC.

Kalil brought up GPO unprompted and was clearly all in favor of it; is
that just because you talked to him about it?

I've assaulted everybody remotely connected with the transition ... he's been the most gracious of the assaultees. He definitely gets why GPO is important for open government. So do quite a few others, but none of them have hiring authority.

Easiest thing to do for the transition to do is wait until the current public printer resigns in a year or so. Next easiest is to take care of this after the inauguration. Hardest is to settle this now.

But, as I've been reminding anybody who will listen ... when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, across town the Government Printing Office opened its doors for the time, the first time the U.S. Government decided to systematically communicate with the public. There is some resonance to the present times and I sure wish they'd make up their mind now so we could take advantage of that honeymoon period. If I have to start work 1/22, it would be nice to get a jump on the situation, at least as much as is possible.