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Message 00378: and so it begins ...


i'm tarring them up now, but that and moving them in place will happen over the weekend. Monday, there will be one more piece added, which will be a pointer into the pacer part of bulk and then it is all up and running.

i sent out 6 fedex today with the full redacted/unredacted dvd and full quality printouts of the letter and appendix. one to Rosenthal, to the director of the administrative office of the courts, to the deputy directory who handles the rules committee, the NY Times, Hoofnagle at Berkeley (a leading privacy researcher), and the deputy us attorney who handles this stuff. I then did email versions to eff and a few other important privacy groups.

I'm going up to see Becky and Nate this weekend (need to drop a Darth Vadar costume off for the holiday). I'll have email and will be back at my desk and able to start dealing with this Sunday night. PR is going to be kind of subtle .. I'll probably give boingboing a heads up and maybe o'reilly. As you can see from the memo, I kind of dealt with the issue already and our best outcome is they don't say anything at all and we move on to the next phase. But, I can tell you, there are going to be a couple folks there that will need to be scraped off the ceiling, so fingers crossed.