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Message 00280: Re: [open-gov] Re: footnote to Wonderlich quoting Jacobs

> in re thomas lord, troll alert.  :)

really? damn (also, i think i was confusing him with mbp)

> but, what specifically are you folks arguing about?  is this about patent
> binders?  patent files in xml instead of text?  images of the patents all
> the way back?

Patents was just a hypothetical, but they do claim to charge $43,000
for the year:


but there are enough free sites out there that i assume it's not an issue

> my impression was that the basic databases were pretty well taken care of
> these days, albeit the binders aren't online and a few other nice-to-haves.
>  do you know about freepatentsonline?  he does a really nice job.  there are
> a few others out there as well.

wow, that is nice. last time i looked into it there were just the
hacky perl scripts that fed back tiffs (and that ibm thing, I guess)