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Message 00210: Re: rsync processes?

On Sep 7, 2008, at 4:40 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

we're just in the middle of a big transition, so mdkail is being extra
vigilant.  :)

heh, ok. what's the transition?

oh, I had 30 old domains running on a dual-processor tatung at the end of last year. we got them up on a donated jaguar mac server, then that wasn't enough horsepower. so, when we got a little money, so we stupidly got an 8-core leopard mac server, which has all sorts of issues.

so, finally we put up a sunfire x4150 with 8 150 gbyte disk drives running ubuntu and paired that up with thumper. so, we can now retire the POS macintosh servers. I'll bring them back up here to sebastopol and make them a render farm or something for video.

long road, but the dual-processor tatung was a 1998 box and that had web sites from 1993 and non-web data from further back, so it was a hell of an upgrade. we're now up to apache 2.0, real imap with dovecot, clamav, etc., etc.

upgrading is hard when you're dragging around 20 years of data.