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Message 00162: Re: usps data

> let's have me host and we give you credit for doing the deed.  :)  when you

Generating now; I'll send you the URL when they're done.

> bandwidth and disk are free for me.  do you need to put a box or two at Paul
> Vixie's operation in Redwood City?  this is not a full-service hosting
> facility or anything, but bandwidth is $0/month if you're doing real
> nonprofit work.  netbsd, paul mockapetris, and a few others all have misc.
> machines back in his warehouse.  he does distro service for mozilla, linux,
> and a bunch of others as well.  let me know if you need an intro.   You
> could put a 2u server with some disk and then expand later with a second
> server ... wouldn't cost very much if you go straight freebsd or linux.

That would be wonderful. I miss having a nice coloed machine (Conde
Nast got them all in the buyout).