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Message 00161: Re: usps data

On Aug 14, 2008, at 4:32 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

what is it you are doing to de-copyright the data, extract the facts, or whatever it is we're doing to distinguish the public domain data from the thin veneer of copyright they tried to paint on the disc? Reorganize the
tables and change the file structure?

Yeah, I've written a parser for it and my plan is to just release the
parsed version. I'm happy to host and have you mirror, but I'm
probably going to need to buy a bigger disk... (Also, your bandwidth
is obviously way better.)

let's have me host and we give you credit for doing the deed. :) when you have a tarball, let me know and we'll make a usps.gov directory on bulk.resource.org and I'll simply untar whatever you have for browsing plus leave a tarball for bulk ... it has http, ftp, and rsync interfaces (and bit torrent, though I'm not quite sure how to interject new content into that piece and would have to look at it a bit).

bandwidth and disk are free for me. do you need to put a box or two at Paul Vixie's operation in Redwood City? this is not a full-service hosting facility or anything, but bandwidth is $0/month if you're doing real nonprofit work. netbsd, paul mockapetris, and a few others all have misc. machines back in his warehouse. he does distro service for mozilla, linux, and a bunch of others as well. let me know if you need an intro. You could put a 2u server with some disk and then expand later with a second server ... wouldn't cost very much if you go straight freebsd or linux.