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Message 00149: Re: usps data

On Aug 11, 2008, at 12:03 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

Just got back yesterday but Lessig has me in pali alto today (only day he has available), so not really back until tomorrow. Would order the second product before engaging the enemy ... Let me know if you want me to order.

Yeah, it's probably worth the $350 -- product ID DS215R. Say hi to
Lessig for me.

I told Larry I had no luck getting you a c4 lawyer ... I think change congress is a c4, so he might have a name.

Following up on the postal service data, I think you can go live anytime you want, but I'd be careful to make sure that you are "extracting the facts" from their "product". I mentioned this issue briefly to Lessig and he reinforced my feeling that this is a case where we might argue that they don't get copyright as a government entity but we would *also* argue that even if they could have copyright, this is just facts.

This is not as clearcut as, e.g., copyright on the law, so I'd like to make sure we have a true Feist-compatible product. And, if you do have such a thing, I'm more than happy to mirror the data. I'm just not ready to simply copy their dvd's to my ftp server and declare them public property.

I will order their other product and I will send you your august disks on the existing products.

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Man, you got all the good domains -- you were much more farsighted
than I was! Is there a list of yours somewhere? And how did you
neglect to get library.org?

I actually only registered the ones I needed. phone.org and fax.org because Marshall and me were running a telephone company. Then, Marshall found out Mockapetris was still administrator for .int and he snagged us tpc.int. Marshall's line at the IETF plenary where we described tpc.int was "you may not be familiar with the .int top-level- domain. it has only two participants, nato and ourselves, and one of us is still considered dangerous."

But, I definitely missed some lucrative warehousing options, just because it wasn't done. Phone.org is actually my personal property and I keep hoping Google Android or Nokia or some Verizon community astroturf effort will buy it from me so I can get enough money to buy some cheap house in a rural area. It's my retirement name. :))