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Message 00136: Re: pacer and lollapalooza

On Jul 25, 2008, at 4:28 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

Naive question: what's the problem with a paper board? Funders get turned off?

sort of.

a paper board is much better than a disfunctional board. no doubt about that. and, if you have your money already or know you're going to get it without help, then you can get away with a paper board.

but, it is like having a paper business plan (e.g., one for VCs instead of one for yourself). You don't get the benefit of what the device is meant for. A good board will help you do stuff: raise money, provides intros, and lend credibility. You need at least one active member for when you do your yearly audit dance (which requires somebody besides you monitoring the finances on an ongoing basis ... / mtr does that for me),

they don't need to be actively involved ... Hal Varian monitors my regular email stream, talks to me a few times a year, and sometimes has suggestions or intros for me. but, he's way too busy to be screwing around.

So, it's a matter of balance. Less involved is certainly better than randomly involved too often.