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Message 00133: Re: pacer and lollapalooza

Hi Rhett -

I'm David Halperin's friend. I used to be Podesta's Chief Technology Officer at the Center, am now running a c(3) nonprofit out of California that puts primary legal materials (e.g., court cases) on the net called Public.Resource.Org.

I'd like to introduce you to Aaron Swartz who has created Watchdog.Net. The advice they received from their first funder, the Sunlight Foundation, was that they should be a c(4). I believe this is Aaron's first nonprofit, but he has accumulated a distinguished record in a variety of Internet enterprises. He wrote the "RSS" standard which is what newsfeeds are based on.

He was also a founder of Reddit, a popular social networking site that was sold to Conde Naste. And, perhaps most importantly, he's been the technical smarts behind a lot of impressive operations for Internet veterans such as Brewster Kahle and Lawrence Lessig (a name you may remember from your recent Harry Potter suit. :)

Watchdog has some funding, but because they are early stage they are definitely not flush, so I know Aaron would appreciate any reduced fees or perhaps even pro bono representation for the initial C(4) application. If it is helpful, I am happy to provide advice during the process, but this is Aaron's gig and I'm not directly involved.

I'll let you two arrange a phone call with each other and you can decide if this is worth taking the next step.

Best regards,


P.S. Aaron ... Rhett's URL, which you no doubt found already, is