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Message 00024: Re: Longevity of web.resource.org URIs for Creative Commons in RDF

Aaron Swartz wrote:
Do you plan to keep this domain renewed indefinitely, and keep using
web.resource.org for Creative Commons?

resource.org was, of course renewed.

I was talking about the future, not the past. All I could determine from whois was that it appeared to be at risk of expiring within less than a year. Since Swoogle reports web.resource.org as underpinning 6.77% of all SW/RDF docs in its index, it seemed worth nudging the various responsible parties. My email wasn't meant as a criticism, just a friendly nudge since it's easy for these tasks and roles to get tangled up.

                        If Carl was no longer interested
in it, I'd be happy to pick it up. I do believe there's an email from
him in the record promising to delegate web.resource.org to us in
perpetuity. I don't know what CC plans to do about future namespaces
but changing old ones seems to be a bad idea. I'm happy to answer more
specific questions, but your email was kind of vague.

Hope the above makes things clearer. Basically, please - between you, somehow - do something that gives the wider community confidence that the domain name underpinning CC URIs won't go back into the great melting pot in the sky. I was pretty sure it's all in hand, ... but thought it worth the risk of annoying you all.

FWIW I quite agree re changing namespace URIs. It really causes a lot of hassle for consumer apps, so is only worth doing when there is a substantial alteration in usage/meaning.