Open Government Working Group

To:  Attendees
From:  Carl Malamud, Public.Resource.Org
Updated:  October 22, 2007
In Re:  Open Government Working Group Meeting in Sebastopol, CA

Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media and Carl Malamud of Public.Resource.Org—with sponsorship from the Sunlight Foundation, Google, and Yahoo—will be hosting a meeting of 30 people interested in open government in Sebastopol, CA on December 7-8, 2007.

While the first meeting is invitation-only because of space and other logistical constraints, our hope is this meeting leads to a series of open activities in 2008 and beyond. With 3 sponsors, we are able to commit to a follow-on meeting in the spring, location, date, and agenda to be determined after we hear from the attendees at the first meeting.

Schedule and Agenda

December 7, 2007 (Friday)

December 8, 2007 (Saturday)

Topics and Goals

To give the group a common purpose, two group activities are proposed:

There will be small groups of attendees with common interests, and part of the 2-day meeting will be made available for work sessions. Possible topics include financial transparency, making case law available, and mirroring or harvesting local records or other databases. In the style of Foo, attendees will determine what these topics are.

Accomodations and Logistics

The meeting will be held at O'Reilly Media, 1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, California, 95472. Sebastopol is about an hour north of San Francisco, in the western part of Sonoma County. December is rainy season with moderate weather, evenings getting quite cool.

There are two hotels in Sebastopol, both of which have group rates for O'Reilly Media:

There are also a large number of motels in nearby Rohnert Park and in Santa Rosa. Please contact Carl if you have questions about accomodations.

We will be serving meals both days. If you have specific dietary requirements, please contact Carl.

Confirmed Attendees

# Name Email Org
01 Carl Malamud carl [at] media [dot] org Public.Resource.Org
02 Tim O'Reilly tim [at] oreilly [dot] com O'Reilly Media
03 Greg Elin gelin [at] sunlightfoundation [dot] com Sunlight Foundation
04 Micah Sifry msifry [at] gmail [dot] com Sunlight Foundation
05 Adrian Holovaty adrian [at] holovaty [dot] com EveryBlock
06 Daniel X. O'Neil danx [at] everyblock [dot] com EveryBlock
07 Michal Migurski mike [at] stamen [dot] com Stamen Design
08 Shawn Allen shawn [at] stamen [dot] com Stamen Design
00 Josh Tauberer tauberer [at] govtrack [dot] us GovTrack.US
10 Lawrence Lessig lessig [at] pobox [dot] com Stanford
11 Dan Newman dan [at] maplight [dot] org MapLight.Org
12 John Geraci geraci [at] gmail [dot] com
13 Edwin Bender edwinb [at] statemoney [dot] org Inst. for Money
14 Tom Steinberg tom [at] mysociety [dot] org My Society
15 David Moore davidrussellmoore [at] gmail [dot] com Participatory Politics
16 Donny Shaw donnydonny [at] gmail [dot] com Participatory Politics
17 JL Needham jlneedham [at] google [dot] com Google
18 Joel Hardi joel [at] hardi [dot] org Public.Resource.Org
19 Ethan Zuckerman ethanz [at] gmail [dot] com Berkman
20 Greg Palmer jgpalmer [at] gmail [dot] com NewCo
21 Jamie Taylor jamie [at] metaweb [dot] com MetaWeb
22 Bradley Horowitz bradleyh [at] yahoo-inc [dot] com Yahoo
23 Zack Exley zack [at] zackexley [dot] com New Organizing Institute
24 Karl Fogel kfogel [at] red-bean [dot] com Question Copyright
25 Michael Dale dale [at] ucsc [dot] edu Metavid
26 Joseph Lorenzo Hall joehall [at] berkeley [dot] edu UC Berkeley
27 Marcia Hofmann marcia [at] eff [dot] org EFF
28 David Orban david [at] davidorban [dot] com Metasocial Web
29 Will Fitzpatrick wfitzpatrick [at] omidyar [dot] net Omidyar Network
30 Aaron Swartz me [at] aaronsw [dot] com Open Library