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Message 00797: Re: blacklist bill

Carl -- thanks again for signing our petition to stop the Internet blacklist bill (COICA). We're making a huge difference: in just the first week, we've gotten nearly 200,000 signatures and sent over 5000 calls to Congress. Amazing!

The bill's proponents are running scared. They've told journalists we should just trust the government and that our complaints are "paralyzing the legislative process." Well, good! They originally wanted to ram this bill through committee in just a week -- now they've been forced to hold it until after the election.

But while we've slowed this bill down, we haven't stopped it. To do that, we're launching an all-out campaign to kill this bill. We'll be meeting with senators, organizing events in their districts, and pressuring them in the media.

Can you chip in $3 so we can keep the pressure on?

Every time we turn around, the bill's proponents start whispering to more members of Congress that we're blowing things out of proportion. They never mention the truth: that this bill would set up the first Internet censorship regime in the US. That's why we need our own advocates to respond and tell the public's side of the story. We've gotten awfully far without spending a dime, but now we need your help.

Click here to chip in $3 to help us kill this bill.

And in the meantime, please keep spreading the word. Email your friends, post it to your blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, write your local paper, and put our flyer up around town. We've gotten almost 200,000 to sign the petition at DemandProgress.org. Let's see if we can make that 500,000 by the time Congress comes back to vote.

Keep on fighting,

Aaron Swartz and David Segal
Demand Progress

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