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Message 00651: Re: YesWeScan & Aaron Swartz

oh ... i had no idea he wanted to be listed! if I had, he would have been instantly listed ... he should have said something!

he's on there now ...


On Mar 10, 2009, at 10:19 PM, Susan Swartz wrote:

Seriously, Carl, Aaron applied to be on the Committee and, as you should know, he's pretty experienced at these things. Plus he's friends and worked with Committee Memers Joi, Tim, Cory, Larry and Brewster (plus probably some others I don't know about). His dad has worked quite a bit with Nicholas Negroponte. Aaron did a lot of work for you already and I'm sure you could find some use for him in your campaign. Just between you and me, I know he's feeling a bit hurt at being left out.

thanks much and best of luck on such a worthy endeavor,

Susan Swartz