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Message 00621: Re: 40 members so far

so, i'm assuming this is facebook is like a wikipedia thing (e..g, the fanee does not participate on pain of death and deletion :)). but, shouldn't people be posting videos and talking on the wall and stuff? I've never done facebook, so not quite sure how this all works. let me know if I'm supposed to get a facebook account or anything ... I am such a newbie.

if you're looking for video, this playlist has some stuff ...


and, if you want patriotic music, might I recommend this playlist:


btw, not to tell people, but I might be asked by the GPO next week to lead an advisory group to develop an API for them ... my paperwork has been submitted to Mike Wash, he's supposed to give me an answer by the middle of the week. also hoping for some more pacer progress (I asked the chief justice's administrative assistant if I could register for the Judicial Conference so I could be a resource to the judges as they try and determine what to do about PACER and Lieberman. :)).

On Feb 28, 2009, at 8:52 AM, Aaron Swartz wrote: