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Message 00569: Re: nytimes

ripping is easy ... pretty sure it was all mplayer -dumpstream

the hard part is transcoding. nobody has really tackled the real codecs ...

On Feb 5, 2009, at 8:02 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

what do you use to rip it?

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 2:00 AM, Carl Malamud <xxxxxxx@media.org> wrote:
hah.  i can rip it, can't play it back. wom.

talk to me when you are back from s. america ... i do think there is an opportunity here. half-a-dozen committees think they are being very clever
by streaming their data and then deleting it.


On Feb 5, 2009, at 7:58 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

i couldn't even rip the stuff. spent days recompiling rtspget

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 1:58 AM, Carl Malamud <xxxxxxx@media.org> wrote:

On Feb 5, 2009, at 7:56 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

are they all realvideo rtsp? i've always had trouble with that crap.

yes, that is the rub.

anything else i can do, tho

yes, i can do wget - m and mplayer --dumpstream as well.  :))

but, maybe if we just rip the stuff, that is enough to start with? I
if you're doing 320x240, it doesn't really matter what the codec is.