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Message 00401: Re: audit

> 1. pacer proxy ... people address pacer using their $0.08/page logins, but

This shouldn't be too hard, but I'd want to talk to some potential
users first. Another thing I think would be fun would be to put a
button on every Justia case page that says "Click here to free these
documents" -- you pay $5 or whatever it is, we buy all the docs for
that case and put them up. We could even see if there was demand for
it by doing the first few by hand.

Also: Schultze mentioned he had a friend who was thinking about a
PACER Firefox plugin that noticed when you were on PACER pages and
uploaded them.

> 2. systematic audit ... I'd like to crawl .gov, looking for a variety of

This sounds really fun.

> Nobody in the transition is talking to me, but I know about 50% of the names
> on the current masthead.  I think we're going to have some serious leverage
> if we also have some real code.

That would be great. I've convinced myself that I really want to see
this new administration, sleeping floors if necessary.