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Message 00388: Re: DC docs

On Oct 25, 2008, at 7:36 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

I think people need to focus and stop running off in a million directions.

What are you talking about? You haven't given anyone anything to focus on.

au contraire ... spent several months this summer trying to get law librarians to adopt a court. trying to get people to focus on metadata stamping. and, was trying to figure out how to do something with pacer. all 3 were less than optimal. the first two had a lot of lookie-lous and pacer has been a communication disaster ... schultz going off and talking to winn when we were at a defcon 4 and then lying about it is just not cool. i really want to work with professionals and that means being able to believe what they say.

besides, it isn't up to me to give you something to focus on ... you have plenty of projects ... watchdog has real potential if you see it through.

I'll be in SF until Tuesday evening or feel free to call me anytime.

i have to drop a darth vader mask off for nate tomorrow morning. I'm up in Oregon. I should be back home sunday night. Maybe we can talk Monday.