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Message 00338: Re: ping

On Oct 6, 2008, at 1:22 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

Let me know if there's anything I can help with.

nope. missiles have been sent .... i called the pr lady for the courts on friday and went over what they'd be receiving today. she was quite friendly, but also didn't know the big picture.

very, very important to sit tight for a week or two now and let the fact that the event occurred settle in. absolutely no gloating (you'll notice my letter didn't even address how the data was obtained).

I need to catch up on other stuff this week, so am hoping they chew on my letter and then do nothing. ideal is that a few weeks goes by and they send me a letter thanking me for part 1 of the audit and asking for part 2. once that whole process has played out, we can start asking questions like "what about the rest of the database" and "gee, there isn't any reason we can't make this data available is there?". But, that might not be until later this year, so be patient.