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Message 00191: Re: pacer crawl

i don't mind crawling pacer with a valid account. that is our production box, so i wouldn't want to be too intensive, but in principle I suppose one could crawl straight from thumper.

is this a bandwidth thing? not enough bits between your local computers and thumper to get the data over the wall?

if this is really serious, there are a couple other places we can put you.

let me know what you have in mind.

On Sep 4, 2008, at 7:23 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 10:23 PM, Carl Malamud <xxxxxxx@media.org> wrote:

On Sep 4, 2008, at 7:22 PM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

I assume running the pacer crawl form thumper is not on, right?

so, what are you crawling?

the thumb drive corps is based on going to the library and using their access. other access is $0.08/page. do you have some kind of magic account
or something?

just the library's account.