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Message 00131: c4 lawyer

I may have found you a pro bono lawyer or at least a cheap one ... are you serious now about doing the C4? If so, I can make the intros.

I called in a couple favors in DC ... we had David Halperin out looking for you and he vouched for you to the law firm. :) (David was Larry Tribe's law partner, is Mort Halperin's son, he co-founded Real Audio with Glaser as well as a bunch of other nonprofits like Campus Progress).

The firm is O'Melveny and Myers and if you're serious about moving forward, I'll write to their pro bono coordinator who David has already talked to. Then, I'll hand them off to you and let you take it from there.

Let me know if you're ready to go (by "go" I mean ... you will need to spend some time helping them put the application together, get a board of directors, etc.., etc...).