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Message 00128: Re: UK

On Jul 23, 2008, at 8:54 AM, Aaron Swartz wrote:

You saw your trademark data is up?

Yes, thanks! It's great data, although it's going to be a pain to wade thru.

yup, they always are. i've only done trademark once or twice, but spent *many* days/years with the green book and other patent documentation.

Did you get your USPS data yet?

Annoyingly I'm in SF for the next couple days so I'm not sure. I think
I could really use it tho; I was trying to extract similar stuff out
of the census data and it's a nightmare.

I'm assuming that means you'll wait until you get back? Or, do you need this stuff immediately? (Like trademark, I think it may take you a bit to wade through the data.) Let me know if this is a postal emergency though and I could put the data someplace where you could find it.