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Message 00122: Re: usps.gov

> BTW, a couple of people asked me about mapping congressional districts to
> zip codes ... is that part of this stuff or there another source?

My current code and API is at http://watchdog.net/about/api#zip2rep

I'm hoping that this data will let me improve it.

> Becky seems happy to be doing stuff with you ... make sure you give her
> enough notice if you won't need her so she has time to replace you with
> another client.  she's not a design shop that does retail so switching
> clients is a lot of overhead for her.  (also, If you need my advice on care
> and feeding of donors or foundations or organizational things like
> incorporating nonprofits, feel free to ask.)

I will and thanks. Sunlight's paranoid lawyers insist that our site
can't be a c3 since it subsidizes political activity and I've been
having a bear of a time finding someone who can set up a c4 for me.
(It's apparently trivial -- just a couple of hours of work for a
lawyer with experience, but none of those lawyers will return my
emails.) If you know anyone, it'd be much appreciated.