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Message 00021: Re: web.resource.org delegation note

Hmmm ... well, I have no problem letting you use resource.org as long
as we own it, which we intend to be forever.  But, if you really want
longevity, I have two observations:

1) The longevity of resource.org is dependent on Becky and I sticking
around (the resource part) and the gTLDs continuing to function in a
real way (the org part).  I can't predict what that is going to mean
in 10-20 years.  If you really value stability of a particular
alphanumeric sequence, then highly recommend you invest in something
stable, such as one of the better-run ccTLDs (e.g., .nl).

2) I think you place too much weight in particular alphanumeric sequences.
Your metadata is the important part, not the alphanumeric sequence under
which the name resolves to an ip address.  More important than the
name are your plans for making sure your data hangs around forever.
I'd invest a *lot* of time in that problem.

So ... I know you work with lawyers, but unfortunately we're not
going to give you a contract.  You have our word that you can continue
to use web.resource.org.  You'll have to make your own evaluation about
stability and if you want to continue to use it.



> Hi there,
> The Creative Commons is planning to host their metadata schemas at 
> web.resource.org, but they're a little worried that resource.org may 
> not last forever.
> If you reply with a short note saying "I agree that as long as we own 
> resource.org, web.resource.org will be delegated to Aaron Swartz's 
> web.resource.org project and if for some reason we no longer wish to 
> own resource.org we will transfer the domain to him" or something along 
> those lines, it would be much appreciated.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Aaron Swartz [http://www.aaronsw.com]