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Message 00016: Re: web.resource.org

Well, that's the weird thing ... what we're doing is extremely radical if
you look at the proposal.  But, people like Brad think what we're doing
is a hopeless fight and we have no chance of winning.  But, in the proposal
you'll see a whole bunch of pretty radical stuff and we're trying to get
people to see that this is a crucial test.

Anyway .. frustrated at Brad, not at you.  He just isn't getting it.  :)


> I wasn't suggesting it as a rosy picture, but as a battle plan. If you 
> win the bid (which I certainly hope) then we can use the money and tools 
> developed to make this happen. If not, then understand that it's a 
> battle and not the war. There are other roads from here to there.
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> Aaron Swartz [http://www.aaronsw.com] 
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